St. Mary's School
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This is the St. Mary's School original 1957 entry. The cornerstone now sits under Mary in our new school.

St. Mary's School Mission Statement
St. Mary's School educates the whole child within a nurturing Catholic Christian environment.

St. Mary's School Philosophy
St. Mary's Catholic School is a community of Faith developed by parents, staff, and students working together to provide an educational setting whereby each child can develop a strong sense of self-worth and a positive attitude toward sharing and group associations.
We believe in the basic goodness of each person. Our commitment is to provide a positive atmosphere where Catholic Christian values are taught, modeled, and practiced, giving each child the freedom and direction to develop his/her personal worth and uniqueness. We have the further commitment to provide a variety of faith-filled experiences so students have the opportunity to develop a Christian philosophy enabling them to grow through Catholic doctrine and Christ's message.
We believe every child is an individual with the ability to learn and develop through a strong academic curriculum. This curriculum responds to the needs of the total child; spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, and physical.
We recognize the importance of good communication, realizing that such open, positive relationships are necessary to everyone's growth experience.
We believe that St. Mary's Catholic School is a vital extension of our community.
As parents, staff, and students, we work together to become aware, informed, and involved in local and global concerns.
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