Ways You Can Support St. Mary’s School

Elden’s Food Receipts - From September 1 to March 31, you can drop your Elden’s receipts in the container at Elden’s or at the St. Mary’s School Office. Affiliated Foods lets St. Mary’s School purchase a variety of products with these credits earned. From last year’s collection, we purchased phy-ed equipment, an overhead projector, a globe, an art drying rack, and many more classroom supplies.

Box Tops for Education - Bring the Box Tops for education coupons off General Mills food products to St. Mary’s School and we receive $.10 for each box top. Last year we earned $1,849.06 with this program.

Matching Grants - Many companies will make a donation for volunteering hours or will make a matching grant donation if an employee gives a gift. Companies participating in this are 3M, Douglas Machine, ITW, and Land O Lakes. Other companies may offer the same types of programs. Please check with your Human Resources Department.

Sponsor a Student Program - A tax-deductible donation to this program goes directly towards the tuition expense of a family in need.

St. Mary’s School Trust Fund - A tax-deductible contribution to this fund is invested and only the interest income is used to support scholarships and enhance academic excellence. Donations have a long-term impact.

Dedicated Donation - Your gift will be applied to an area of your choice. Dedicated gifts can go towards classroom supplies, library books, computer lab, physical education, etc.


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